Architecting Sustainable
Habitats & Lifestyles Aligned

An Integrated Real Estate Shaping Sustainable Lifestyles of Future Generations

Saving people time, money, resources wasted on unnecessary daily commutes and chores, as we provide an extensive range of daily services at one place, in order for our members to stay focused on what’s important to them, be it work, study, health, or fun.

The Story

A city man struggling with organizing his efforts on building multiple thriving businesses, learning new skills, maintaining health and physicality, having quality time with beloved ones, while taking care of the basic daily routine of work, commutes, shopping, meal prepping, cleaning up etc..

This and coming generations are completely different from past ones. They are meant to live a next-level life - they will have the ability to afford luxuries that were only affordable for the elite class before. They already figured out several modern ways to earn big money from the comfort of their home. Therefore, creating a different kind of homes that suit their demands is a must.

Ecosystem Real Estate is disrupting the industry with its unique options for living, working, well-being, and entertainment, in a very close proximity to one another, with a definite chief aim to reduce the overconsumption of human and environmental resources.

At Ecosystem Real Estate, we offer a unique experience for aspiring young entrepreneurs, business owners and high performance employees, to simultaneously enjoy high levels of comfort, organization and productivity at the very same place.

It's a home-like hotel service that offers a sweet combination of hospitality and being home where you can live forever.

Services & Amenities

Ecosystem provides an extensive range of services 24/7 for its members - a combination of hospitality, wellness, healthcare, lifestyle architecture, self-development, property and business management.

Green Certification: "People First Places" hence the first service we offer having our new comers become green certified. The certification process can be done online and in person, in order to ensure every member efficiently makes the best use of the property.

Accommodation on a rental basis only. Residential units vary in size depending on membership type and tenant status - single, couple, kids. Apartments are furnished with sustainably sourced material and biophilic interior designs.

Property Management services: we make sure our tenants shouldn’t worry about fixing anything went wrong, so we provide all kinds of technicians to solve technical problem as soon as possible. We also provide housekeeping and communal laundry services, so that our tenants have more quality time spent on their work, recreation and entertainment.

Nutrition: two - three wholesome meals a day done by the intercontinental cuisine staff and served to the tenants in a communal eatery or in their private units as they wish. Salads and other leafy green vegetables are grown at the vertical farms, freshly picked and delivered for consumption. Each and every individual gets a personalized meal plan customized for their nature of work, activity level, body type, genetics, age, gender, etc. done by a full-time registered nutritionist and dietitian on-site and available for one-on-one consultation.

Co-work spaces that offer a sense of productive working community, with private spaces for those who need it. The co-work space also provides a business address for sole proprietor companies, mail delivery, office management and reception services for a monthly fee.

Fitness: access to gym and personal trainer mentorship with personalized fitness plan depending on one's activity level, nutrition plan, gender, genetics, age etc. The gym offers a variety of basic indoor sports such as weight resistance, flexibility training and Calisthenics.

Wellness: including spa, massage therapy, hairdressing and beauty salon for both genders with full-time staff to scale.

Wardrobe coaching to provide our tenants with better solutions on how to look great, while using sustainably sourced fabrics / garments. Getting sustainability more involved in the fashion industry is one of our goals. That being said, we are proud to eat, drink and dress sustainably.

Lifestyle Architecture: Our utmost priority is to provide the tenants with homey comfort, quality time, energy and productivity, having their daily chores well taken care of efficiently and sustainably. Things like shopping, cooking, washing dishes, laundry, baby / pet sitting, etc. are outsourced to us, in return, they get more mindful at their work, self-development, and entertainment.

A group of Dietitian, sports trainer, chef and psychotherapist work in synergy to architect a personalized lifestyle plan for each member, supervise the execution of this plan, and follow up with them on a regular basis.

Thanks to the advanced technologies, we're developing a mobile app where tenants can review their lifestyle protocol, personal calendar for their daily activities, meal plans, sports plans, recreation plans, networking, social gathering and entertainment events.

Potential Members

You would love to stay at Ecosystem for many reasons:

You're a hard working person, want not to bother taking care of silly everyday tasks i.e. housekeeping, cooking, shopping etc. we got you covered. All the basic requirements are taken care of more efficiently than you used to do it on your own.

You're a young hustler, starting your online business, want to have as much time to build your empire, connect with high quality individuals in your niche, Ecosystem is the right place for you. Here you will get the chance to meet up with many professionals who could be your mentor or end up as a business partner with you.

You're a middle-aged family man, can't really get laser-focused at your place, and need a second home to only get things done, need not to worry about any of the unimportant chores, Ecosystem is the best choice for you with short-term membership options you can spend as minimum as couple of days until you get all your work and meetings done.

You're a student, not really happy staying at home or in a dormitory, don't have enough experience with self-care and don't wish to bother. Need more time to study well, have your classes online or in person with a private tutor, train hard for a sports contest, or have fun with friends, all this and more is available for you at one place, a spit away from your room.

You're a working parent, looking for a safe place to leave your kids, where they can have fun and be taken care of, at Ecosystem, we provide in-house baby sitters on request. It is very comforting to know that you and your baby are at the same place, both doing their thing and taken care of.

You're a senior, who's already or about to retire, and looking out to relax in a new home where our full-time staff will take care of your needs. Ecosystem offers the right environment to care for its senior members, ensuring they're living an active and joyful lifestyle.

You're a business owner, have a team of employees working remotely from different locations and looking for an integrated workplace where you can fully monitor their activities, and they can productively perform their tasks, show up for meetings on time, more energised, didn't have to deal with commuting hassle and risks which can drain a lot of their energy. As a result, they have clearer mind to focus, and still not working from home, then this is the right option for you and your team. You save the overhead cost of renting workspaces, and they save more on renting random accommodation, it's a win-win.

You're a Green Panther, wanting to reduce your carbon footprint by cutting down all the unnecessary commutes, starting an eco-conscious consumption and live a whole-green lifestyle. Ecosystem struggles to have all members become highly aware of their consumption behaviour, carbon footprint and living eco-friendly lifestyles.

Vision and Mission

-To sustainably shape the future of living, working and entertainment for the new generations worldwide -To bring all facets of sustainability from different industries together under one managing entity.
-To incorporate sustainability into different industries, giving it more influence on decision-making processes.
-To lead a sustainable consumer behaviour with minimal footprint.
-To shape an evergreen future that has been made understandable, affordable and easy to adopt for policy makers, industrial elites, and the public.